Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Answer Begins With You!



The Answer Begins Wtih YOU!                         1/17/12

I started GOOOH five years ago because I believed America, the greatest nation the world has ever known, was in serious trouble. I was certain there were people just like you, a true leader, who would be willing to do whatever was needed to stop the decline of our country. I doubt that have found a true national solution and hope you'll read on.

We've all seen the nation's debt skyrocket. It is now greater than our GDP, putting us in an embarrassing group of fiscally insolvent countries that includes Greece, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Lebanon, Japan and Jamaica. We are financially comparable to Jamaica!

Why? Because we keep re-electing the same career politicians year after year.

Embarrassing as this is, our real problem is viability. We are "fortunate" that the Euro is being pulled down by Greece, Italy and others. They have been making promises for years that everybody knew couldn't be kept. Sound familiar? The riots in Greece are just the tip of the iceberg. Like America, Europe's financial situation will only get worse without sweeping changes. We are fortunate that China is not trusted and that Russia is so corrupt. We remain the world's currency because of size and the lack of alternatives. Ask yourself how much longer will the world have confidence in a dollar that cannot be repaid? Do you?

We cannot add debt forever. Every bone in my body, and yours I'm sure, says we must get our house in order. But how?

The presidency is not the solution. Important, of course, but regardless of who is elected, the fundamental problems will not be fixed by career politicians. They are the problem. Nothing of significance will change with Pelosi, Boehner and those like them in charge. The current politicians have repeatedly demonstrated what they will do.

We cannot force change by electing a few new people here and there. If we re-elect 90% of the same people, including all of the senior members, we'll see as much change as we did after the last election: NONE!

The answer begins with you: one person, leading the effort in your district, finding a citizen representative to force the needed change. But that is just beginning. We then multiply your effort in hundreds of districts. We cannot take the incumbents on, one by one. They've rigged the system so that they are almost impossible to beat. We must attack them en masse.

The solution is to work together, to run hundreds of citizen candidates who are committed to effecting the needed change. We have a plan to make it happen. All we need to succeed is for you to lead the effort in your district.

This note is being sent to you because you are a proven leader. It is being sent to almost 3,000 others, who like you, know we must do something. I hope you will forward to everyone on your mail list. If enough leaders will join with us we can elect candidates just like this one, one of our chosen candidates in Texas.

Will you take charge in your district?  Send me a note. Let's talk.


In Liberty,

Tim Cox



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