Monday, May 14, 2012

Time is Running Out






Time Is Running Out                                          5/14/12

Thirty-six year Republican incumbent Richard Lugar was defeated last week in the Indiana primary, proof that career politicians are vulnerable. If you want things to change, you must support the challengers.

Democratic Senator John Kerry called the defeat a "tragedy." You read that correctly. I guess he was disappointed to see the "career" of one of his good-old-boy club members terminated. It is great to see a six term Senator, who didn't even bother to maintain a residence in Indiana (he lived in D.C.) defeated. But we need to do more.

Early voting begins this week in Texas and several of our candidates have a legitimate chance to win. The campaigns of our candidates in FL are going exceptionally well. We hope to announce more candidates soon. But, they need your support.

If you cannot afford to contribute to their campaigns, please contact their campaign teams and offer to go door to door or help with signs. If you don't live nearby or don't want to make house calls, offer to make phone calls, send emails, or write letters. Did you know they can call 25 people for every dollar you send? Two thousand five-hundred people could be phoned for a $100 donation. You can donate directly to the candidate you favor at the links below, or via GOOOH at this link.

What you cannot afford to do is nothing. This is the year to send a message. It will soon be too late to recover from the damage the politicians are doing. Get involved with one of our candidates or the challenger in your district. They need your support:

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Tim Cox


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