Thursday, April 26, 2012

Your Input Please






Your Input Please                                             4/26/12

This video of Byron Donalds, one of our chosen candidates in FL, is a fantastic testament to the GOOOH process and proof that we can find superb candidates willing to serve. Byron received 61% of the vote in a recent straw poll in his district. Click here to learn more about his campaign.

We ask that you forward our new Washington Paradox video, to everyone you can. We must convince our family and friends to elect new leaders. Tell them this year's primaries are the perfect time to vote the incumbents out. Here's the link if you need it:

Sheriff Richard Mack, candidate in the 21st congressional district of Texas is also making quite an impact. Please take a moment to read this important message from Sheriff Mack on why he is running for Congress and consider lending him your support.

We are still looking to create a video that goes viral. Send us your thoughts, or even better, create a draft version / sketch of a 30 – 60 second commercial (video or audio).

Finally, I ask the each person receiving this note send an email to and suggest he take a look at and our candidates. We have fantastic challengers chosen by their peers competing in the upcoming primaries. If we can get a national host like John to give us a chance to explain our plan, we could wake this nation! But, it will only happen if you'll assist.

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Tim Cox


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