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Fwd: [Peninsula-Patriots] opportunity for training

We should put this on the calendar.

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Good evening Patriots, would anyone be interested in attending one of these trainings?





Att" All VTPP Members

VA Senate 21

Tool Box Training (for electioneering)

Get Out The Vote, True The Vote, Phone Banks and Data Lists, etc.

Each session will be offering the same training, so you need attend only one.

 This invitation is extended to all VTPP Leaders and all Local Tea Party members in the State of Virginia, so please extend this notice to any of your members who would like to participate.

Hey co-conspirators, we need to get moving on this.  I know many of us are involved the primaries, but as we get people involved in the primary push, let's get them dialed into this.  

The group is coming in from all over on Friday, September 2nd. Michael Patrick Leahy is coming in from Nashville, Lori Medina and Chad Bollinger are coming in from Dallas, and there may be a couple of others.  I will let you know.

We are looking to schedule these 3 events and pull in activist leaders from around the Commonwealth at their nearest location.  This group will be presenting tools we can use for our upcoming project.  We should be looking to seat 40-50 activists per session  from all Tea Party and Patriot groups.  This will be an informational session focused on the "hands-on" tools we will have made available for use.  All data gathered will be shared with the VATPA.  Also, it would be good if VATPA can give us the tutorial on the the Trail Blazer phone system. 

BTW - We want to begin referring to it as VA Senate 21.

Friday evening, September 2,  Lynchburg, VA - Liberty Law School 6-9PM. 

Saturday afternoon, September 3, Fredericksburg, VA - 1-4PM   Fredericksburg Location- 20 Sebring Dr - Fredericksburg, Va 22406. (just North of 95 exit 133, 17N.

Sunday afternoon, September 4, VA Beach, VA - Car Dealer Conference Room(?) - 1-4PM  (Karen and/or Thom please confirm the location and times) TBD

We are not going to be feeding folks, we can probably provide some drinks and snacks, if the local Tea Party could do that, it would be great!

We do need all the members of the elections committee to be at least one of these events.  This is not going to be one of the things we can just put out an email and hope folks show up.  We need to get on the phone and push/pull the right people to this.  40-50 fire-breathing campaign types would be great!

We really need your help, so we will see you all there.


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Meetup, PO Box 4668 #37895 New York, New York 10163-4668 |

Alexander of York

Sunday, August 21, 2011

United We Will Stand - Group Spotlight

United We Will Stand                       8/21/11
United we will stand; divided we will fail.

The old adage clearly resonates with most on this mail list. We recently sent a note to several thousand leaders asking for information on what they are working on so we could share the information with other groups. The response was tremendous. While some of us may disagree on certain things, it is clear that most agree with the value of looking for ways to connect with other groups, leverage our resources, and support one another where it makes sense.

Monday, August 8, 2011


York County Chamber of Commerce
Hosts a Fall 2011 Electoral Candidate Forum

The structured forum is intended to allow the participants to address questions to the fall 2011 Electoral Candidates.  
Questions are to be submitted at the beginning of the event and will be answered during the course of the evening.  
This event is open to the public.
Thursday evening,  August 11th, 6 – 9:15pm
Grafton Middle School, Kiva, 405 Grafton Drive, Yorktown, VA 23692

The Tuscany Forum Planning Team Encourages all Tuscany Forum attendees to participate in this Candidate Forum

The Tuscany Forum will host Two Town Hall Meetings

The first is Monday evening, August 15th, 7-9pm
Holiday Inn & Suites, 515 Bypass Road, Williamsburg, VA  23185
Invited guests are the candidates for York County Board of Supervisors District 1 and candidates for the York/Poquoson Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney

The second is Thursday evening, August 18th, 7-9pm
Yorktown Library, 8500 George Washington Mem Hwy, Yorktown, VA 23692
Invited guests are the candidates for York County Board of Supervisors Districts 2 – 5 and candidates for the York/Poquoson Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney

The Tuscany Forum provides York County Citizens a public Forum where they can:
Voice their concerns about the responsiveness and direction of their county, state and federal governments,
Conduct civil, direct, in-person dialogue with their elected officials and government staff,  
Develop and encourage positive political plans of action to accomplish the will of the people.

To add someone to the Tuscany Forum email distribution, please send their name and email address to

The Tuscany Forum Planning Team:
Bart Barton, Danny Diggs, Greg Garrett, Mike Hoyes, Linda Hutchinson, Winston Lawrence, Mary Leedom, Todd Mathes, Chuck McGee, Wade McRoberts, Thomas Nelson, David Phillips
 Stephen Roane, Maywood Wilson

Times & Location:
Unless otherwise stated, monthly meetings of The Tuscany Forum are held the third Thursday of each month at Bills Seafood, 2831 Denbigh Blvd, Yorktown, VA  23692
Forum begins at 7:00pm *** Food and drink available

Friday, August 5, 2011

May We Promote Your Group?



May We Promote Your Group?                                          8/5

Sixty-two percent of Americans say they would like to vote out every member of Congress, according to a recent Rasmussen poll. A mere 6% believe Congress is doing a good job. Less than a third are confident that their own congressman is representing their best interests. Read that again. Isn't it time to do things differently? America is looking for alternatives.

Groups like yours are on the right track, and we'd like to help you reach others.

We have a way to help. GOOOH has almost 100,000 members. We would like to tell them about what you are doing and see if we can help connect you with other like-minded organizations. If you will send us a 50-word explanation of your mission, with a link to your site and/or contact information, we'll send the information not only to all of our members, but to the 3,000+ group leaders we have on this contact list.

We have found it very effective to link leaders in cities and states who are working on similar tasks. As an example, take a look at this flyer our members have begun handing out, highlighting how groups like Oath Keepers, Sheriff Mack, the Abigail Adams Project, and GOOOH are working together. There are other groups focusing on Precinct Chairs, Voter Fraud, Constitutional Studies, State's Rights, Agenda 21, etc. If you will let us know what you are working on, we'll help connect you with others so you can share best practices and ideas, and hopefully become even more effective.


We recently published this Patriot Proclamation in USA Today. It calls on Americans to work together to fire Congress. Our plan to do so has never been more in need, evidenced by the polling numbers provided above.


Over 2.2 million visitors have been to our web site. Why? Because most people understand the system for selecting our leaders has been rigged. There are some good people in office today, but the current system discourages fair competition: it ensures 90% or more of incumbents are re-elected despite numbers like those provided above. Rather than trying to use the corrupt system and protect the 5% who are good, let's fix the system and ensure every incumbent has to compete fairly in an honest primary. Competition makes people stronger. It is the American way. Let's convince our nation to fix this broken system!

GOOOH members will begin selecting candidates to compete in the 2012 primaries this November (in Texas). Other states will follow, running the selection process approximately two months before their filing deadline. We are not a third party – our candidates will compete in the primaries against the incumbent. We would love to have members of your group participate in the selection process. We hope you will get every person you know to join us.


It is time to retake control of our government. It is time to tell the politicians to Get Out Of Our House!


In Liberty,

Tim Cox






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Tim Cox | Rio Gabriel Ranch | Liberty Hill, TX 78642

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