Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's Time to Work Together

It's Time to Work Together!                                                                  March 19, 2011
This note is going to key members of almost 2,000 different patriotic groups. Imagine the influence we could have if we could find a way to work together.
How much longer will we tolerate the charade in Washington? At what point will we acknowledge that neither party has the answer?
There is plan to turn things around, and it cannot be stopped if we work together. We are asking fellow patriots to consider our plan. Almost every group who has taken the time to honestly evaluate our solution is on board. It is time to join forces.
We are slated to add over $1.5 trillion to our deficit this year. The Republicans are battling to cut that by a measly 0.061 trillion. Could they set the bar any lower? How much does it matter if our deficit is $1.441 instead of 1.512 trillion?

At the current pace, our deficit will exceed $20 trillion by 2016! The Republicans will not fight to cut a mere $100 billion as they pledged just a few months ago. Do you honestly believe they will fight to balance our books in an election year? Do you trust either party to ever significantly reduce spending?
The Republicans now say they must have the House, the White House, and a filibuster-proof Senate before they can cut spending. Two senate seats switched parties in 2010. How confident are you they will convert 13 this election? What if they don't? What if they don't take the White House? We cannot wait until 2016! It is time to things differently.
Neither party has the constitution to make the needed changes. How much longer are you going to support politicians and this ridiculous system that ensures 90% are re-elected?
The good news is there is a simple solution. It involves electing citizen representatives who are not worried about getting re-elected, repaying special interest groups, or keeping their party in power. Citizen Representatives will address the tough issues. Politicians will not.
We will execute our plan beginning this November. Our members will choose 435 candidates to compete in the primaries against the incumbents. Because we will be competing in the primaries there is no reason to fear splitting the vote!
We have a simple way to fund candidates. We will provide the infrastructure needed to win.
We would like your group to help us find the best possible candidates.
Would you be willing to have one of our representatives explain the plan to your group? We have been presenting to groups all across the nation, and almost every group who takes the time to listen to our proposal joins our cause. Almost 90,000 members are already on board. We have the numbers!
Our hope is that every member of your group will work with us. Perhaps you will help lead the effort in your locale. We are building leadership teams in each of the nation's 435 districts. Over 250 teams are already in place. We will choose candidates this year in every district where we have at least 250 members.
We would like you to join us. Imagine if work togetether and elect true citizen representatives! We have it in our power to succeed. The plan is in place.
Please give sincere consideration to this request. Let's discuss how we can work together.

We will be running the GO process this year. We will be choosing candidates. They will be on the ballot. We want to work together. We seek today's Thomas Jefferson. Let's work together and find him.  
In Liberty,
Tim Cox

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