Saturday, July 21, 2012

Peninsula Tea Party Action Night

Peninsula Tea Party Action Night - Google+: "The lines have been drawn and the choices made clear. Is this to be a country where you can create a better future for yourself and your family or can the government say "You didn't build that" and redistribute your wealth. Virginia will be critical in this next election.

Rallies are not enough and there is too much at stake to just HOPE for the best.
This is YOUR CALL TO ACTION!  The Peninsula Tea Party would like to invite you to a brief 30 minute meeting to share the many ways you can take a stand and take action that will make a real difference.  After the action meeting you will be invited to take over the Peninsula Victory Center and make some phone calls.

This is not about politics.  This is about saving the American Dream, and protecting the opportunity of every individual to create a better world without it all being taken by government.  Shall this be a nation of Liberty or of ghettos and government bread lines.  Virginia is the key state on which the election may turn.  What will you tell your grandchildren you did as Liberty gasped it's last breath?  The time to act is now. Commit to being here to learn what actions you can take! "

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