Friday, November 2, 2012

Thousands Have Already Voted With Our New Voting App!

Help Expand the Power of the Contract From America!

We are just days away from election day and while candidates such as President Obama and Governor Romney are scrambling around the country looking to pick up important votes that will put them over the top, we must come together and speak with a strong voice over what action we demand they take while in Washington. 

Last week, thanks to donations from concerned Americans, we were pleased to announce the launch of our new polling platform, which is designed to find out what issues matter most to you! The issue that finishes first in the poll will be the first issue that our Legislative Writing Committiee will craft a bill for and begin to push through Congress!

Since the launch of this poll, thousands of you have participated and we are looking to build on such an amazing outpouring of support!

Click the image below to vote today!:

This poll is truly unique. Its simple design is geared toward allowing you to share your priorities for our nation in a fast and efficient way.

The results from this poll will ensure that the priorities of the people will be the priorities of the Legislative Writing Committee!

This genuinely is a document of the people, by the people, and for the people, and this poll is another great example of how we are leading the way in creating a true citizen and legislative voice!

This poll was created with your generous donations and now it's time to turn those donations into real progress by taking the poll and helping our Legislative Writing Committee turn your votes into law!

>>Click HERE to vote in the poll

In Freedom,

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