Thursday, April 4, 2013

Will the CFA Bring Another Member to Congress?

Sanford Wins South Carolina Run-Off & Signs The CFA


On Tuesday night we learned that former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford won the Republican nomination in
South Carolina's 1st congressional district by beating attorney Curtis Bostic in a run-off election. This race was unique in that it featured two capable candidates who both stepped up and signed the Contract From America.

This result sends an unmistakeable message to the rest of the country as Gov. Sanford heads toward the general election: The American people are watching every race closely from here on out, and they demand constitutional accountability! Grassroots conservatives all across the country know that the Contract From America is the key to making sure that ALL members of elected office stay true to the oaths they take.

To ensure that the Contract continues to get the exposure and grassroots activism it needs to be as successful as it has been in South Carolina's 1st, we need your help!

Thus far you have been outstanding in providing financial support to help the Contract grow in scope and influence. But now it's the "campaign off season", and funding is more critical than ever to maintain our growth ahead of the next election! Please make a donation today to help bring more candidates in special elections on board with the Contract and to make sure signers in Washington are staying true to their signature!

The congressional race in South Carolina's 1st district is a great win for the CFA but it is something that we must use to build off of, not just sit back on. Will you donate $7 today to help us keep the momentum alive? We can't do this without you!

In Freedom,

Contract From America Team

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