Thursday, September 19, 2013

Urgent - Stop Congress from Playing Politics with Your Fuel

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Dear Concerned Citizen,

Once again Congress is failing to act – more comfortable playing politics than doing their job.

Rather than repeal the harmful Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), Congress is about to cut a deal that would freeze this onerous mandate in place for two years.

It is more important than ever to tell Congress to repeal the ethanol mandate!

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have already spoken out against letting EPA regulations destroy our cars, boats and lawnmowers. But they need to hear from YOU that a short-term, band-aid fix won't work, there needs to be a full repeal of the RFS.

Tell Congress the only solution you'll accept is repealing RFS!

This mandate requires biofuels like corn based ethanol to be blended into gasoline, raising fuel prices and potentially destroying engines.  For these reasons, and many, many more it is opposed by a wide variety of Americans, from restaurant owners to environmentalists to classic car owners to patriots like you. Instead of listening to the people, members of Congress want to leave in place a mandate that threatens our engines and drives up our food prices.

Let Congress know we don't need a short-term fix – we need it repealed!

Putting a band-aid on this mandate does not fix the problems it has caused. It's time for Congress to end the ethanol mandate. E-mail your members of Congress today!


The Energy Citizens Team


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