Friday, August 8, 2014

Breaking: Cantor Resignation Triggers Special Election

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Fellow conservative,

Eric Cantor announced his early resignation from Congress last week, triggering a special election to fill the remainder of Cantor's term.

Cantor's resignation means our next Congressman will serve immediately after being elected during the "lame duck" session following the November election. 

With Congress expected to tackle tough issues after the election like Obama's incompetency on the border crisis and illegal immigration, and the corruption and lawlessness of the Obama administration, we need your contribution of $25 or more to ensure we are successful on Election Day. Click here to make your immediate contribution now.

Over the next three months, my focus will not shift from winning on November 4th and carrying our conservative principles of free markets, individual freedom, and Constitutional government to Congress. 

If I'm fortunate enough to be chosen by the people of the Seventh District to represent them in Washington, I'll come to the office on November 5th ready to serve.

Thank you for standing with us.


Dave Brat

P.S. Eric Cantor's resignation adds both a national focus and significance to our 7th Congressional District race. Make a secure contribution today to ensure we have the resources to get out the vote and set the record straight on the liberals' smears.





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