Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tell Boehner and Ryan - No Fast Track for Obama

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We were in DC this past Tuesday telling GOP freshmen that they should not give President Obama even more authority through Fast Track trade authority. You can see the pictures on our twitter account (which I hope you will follow!)

Despite the President's abuse of power on issues like immigration and climate change, John Boehner and Paul Ryan (the new Ways and Means Committee chairman) want to give Obama more executive power through Fast Track trade authority.  Fast Track will allow Obama to use treaty diplomacy to make new global rules on immigration, climate, tax, finance, health care and other issues under the guys of "trade agreements."

Take Action:  Call John Boehner's office (202-225-6205) and Paul Ryan's office (202-225-3031).  Tell them "As a conservative, I do not want Fast Track authority given to the President. Obama will create more trade deficits and more global rules on immigration, the environment, other other rules.  Please do not give Obama even more executive authority."

Stephani Scruggs, End Global Governance

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