Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why does the GOP want World Bank tribunals trumping states' rights?

End Global Governance

Dear Friend:

Senator Orrin Hatch and Representative Paul Ryan will be introducing Fast Track trade legislation enabling Obama to establish more global courts and weaken states' rights. The globalists call this Investor-State Dispute Resolution (ISDS).

Hatch has said he will introduce this Fast Track legislation next week. Ryan will follow. But opposition is growing from patriots and constitutional conservatives!

We want to flood the email inboxes in Washington with "Oppose Fast Track" messages. 

Our End Global Governance team - with representatives from Florida, Michigan, Virginia, Colorado, Ohio and other states - have been meeting with congressional offices repeatedly since the beginning of this 114th Congress. They are beginning to understand that Fast Track is an enormous and dangerous grant of even more executive authority to the President.

It is a threat to states rights because ISDS authorizes foreign lawyers sitting on World Bank tribunals to hear claims by foreign companies against our states and local governments while bypassing our state courts!

You can help us from home by emailing Congress now with "Oppose Fast Track" messages.  

If the newly powerful GOP caucus in Washington won't rein in the executive branch now, when will it be done? 

Click here to send your email.  We can and will make a difference!


Stephani Scruggs, End Global Governance


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