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Posts from News - End Global Governance for 11/29/2016

Trade and globalism news from a conservative perspective.

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Washington Post: Economists Say 'Trade with China Literally Kills Americans'


[Breitbart News| November 26, 2016 |Breitbart]

Max Ehrenfreund reports in The Washington Post that two economists have posited a theory that the U.S. trade imbalance with China and subsequent de-industrialization has had fatal consequences for American workers.

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Alan Tonelson: Key to a Great Economy Is a World-Class Manufacturing Sector


[John Hayward| November 16, 2016 |Breitbart]

Economist Alan Tonelson, founder of the economics and public policy blog RealityChek, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Wednesday's Breitbart News Daily to talk about Donald Trump's vision for the economy.

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Ford Tells Trump: We Will Not Move Lincoln Plant to Mexico


[Chriss Street| November 18, 2016 |Breitbart]

President-elect Donald Trump said Ford had called to reassure him that the company has decided not to move its Lincoln assembly operations from Louisville, Kentucky to Mexico.

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Silicon Valley Bows to Trump: Apple to Build iPhones in America


[Chriss Street| November 18, 2016 |Breitbart]

With Silicon Valley CEOs terrified that President Donald Trump will retaliate against offshoring production, Apple is already preparing to move iPhone production back to America.

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GOP Rep: Paul Ryan 'Does Not Have My Vote'; Trump Gave Congress a Mandate, Ryan Gave a 'Constitutional Crisis'


[Julia Hahn| November 11, 2016 |Breitbart]

Republican Congressman Thomas Massie says Speaker Paul Ryan does not presently have his vote for House Speaker. Massie further indicated that if no conservative steps up to run to fill Ryan's job, he'd be open to doing it himself.

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[NICOLE GELINAS| November 11, 2016 |The Daily Beast]

Donald Trump could not have won the presidency in 2016 were it not for what happened eight years before: the global financial meltdown. To this day, political elites do not grasp how the crisis shattered Americans' perceptions of their economic security. This top-level failure has gradually claimed the Republican Party as we've known it since the Reagan era. On Tuesday, the same failure claimed the Democratic Party as we've known it since the Bill Clinton era.

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Globalists May Be Responsible for Trump's Victory


[Ian Fletcher | November 09, 2016 | Huffington Post

Trump won. Well, I guess I'm going to get the trade policy I've been fighting for for more than a decade!

(About the rest of his agenda, no comment.)

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Trouble in Japan for TPP Passage


[November 08, 2016 |Mainchi]

The ruling coalition has abandoned putting bills related to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement to a vote at a House of Representatives plenary session on Nov. 8 amid opposition party protests over gaffes by the farm minister.

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Trump Details Michigan Devastation Caused by Clinton's Trade Policies: 'We're Living Through Greatest Jobs Theft in the History of the World'


[Julia Hahn| November 1, 2016 |Breitbart]

"We're living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world," Donald Trump told thousands of Michigan voters on Monday.

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The TPP is a "Living Document". What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


If you were going to create a massive 12-country trade agreement, you and the other key players might have "things" that you wanted to put into that agreement, yet you knew that those things would never get past Congress and the American people.

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Poll: GOP Voters Say Donald Trump Better Represents their Views than Paul Ryan


A majority of Republican voters say Republican nominee Donald Trump better represents their views than Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI).

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Donald Trump Announces an 'American Desk' to Promote 'America First' Trade Deals


[ Alex Sowyer| October 20, 2016 | Breitbart]

Donald Trump announced on Thursday that he will consolidate all trade policy under one "American Desk" if he's elected president, in order to promote "America First" trade deals.

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The Trump Trade Doctrine: A Path to Growth & Budget Balance


[ Wilbur Ross & Peter Navarro| October 18, 2016 | Real Clear Policy]

Budget-deficit hawks often insist that the only way to balance the Federal budget is to raise taxes or cut spending. The far smarter path to balance the budget is simply to grow our economy faster.

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Foreign Govts Lobbying US Congress for TPP


[ Daily News| October 17, 2016 | Inside US Trade]

Ambassadors from Trans-Pacific Partnership countries this week pledged to accelerate their efforts to ensure the agreement is passed during a lame-duck session of Congress and reiterated the importance of the United States to the global trading system and its TPP partners.

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Leaked emails show Clinton was defending TPP as late as June 2015


[Stephen Dinan | October 12, 2016 |Washington Times]

As late as June 2015 Hillary Clinton and her campaign were still plotting how to defend her work on the Trans Pacific Partnership and free trade in general, according to newly leaked emails.

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Bill Clinton Blames Capitalism, Not NAFTA, for Jobs Going to Mexico


[Charlie Spiering| October 04, 2016 |Breitbart]

ATHENS, OHIO — Former presidential Bill Clinton wants to blame capitalism, not NAFTA, for the Carrier air conditioning company choosing to close two plants in Indiana and move them to Mexico.

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Why Obama needs PhRMA


[Vicki Needham| September 28, 2016 | The Hill]

Business groups are facing a major problem in their final push for passage of President Obama's signature trade agreement — a lack of unity.

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Trump Bludgeons Clinton on Trade; Forces Her to Defend NAFTA


[ Julia Hahn| September 26, 2016 | Breitbart]

During Monday night's first presidential debate at Hofstra University, Donald Trump put Hillary Clinton on the defensive over the critical issue of international trade — eventually forcing Clinton to actually defend NAFTA and her husband's globalist trade policies of the 1990s.

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[ Crista Huff| September 23, 2016 | Goodfellow]

It appears that labor reforms will not be pushed through Mexico's legislature this year. President Enrique Pena Nieto had pushed for labor reforms, to bring the country into compliance with TPP requirements, but the nation's legislature has not been willing to embrace the reforms. The President has apparently lost the degree of political clout necessary to push through unpopular legislation. The overriding consensus in the Mexican government is that labor and human rights decisions should not be linked to trade deals.

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[ Crista Huff| September 23, 2016 |Goodfellow]

On September 19, the United Steelworkers (USW) sent a spectacular email to the chairmen of the Congressional Steel Caucus. Within the correspondence, the USW laid out thorough, logical and convincing reasons as to how the TPP will further damage the U.S. steel industry.

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