Monday, July 4, 2011

GOOOH Announces $10,000 Contest


GOOOH Announces $10,000 Contest                          July 4, 2011

Enter the GOOOH Video Contest and YOU could win $10,000.

The first video promoting GOOOH that receives one million views on YouTube, before 10/1/11, wins.

The winner will need to create a video that conforms to our official contest rules. We're looking for a "Fire Congress" video that goes viral. You can do it! The guidelines are pretty simple but there are a few specifics you do not want to overlook. The legalese, much of it from the YouTube site, is required. You must be a member of GOOOH to enter, but there are no fees or obligations to become a member, and there are no fees to enter the contest.

We also hope you will take a minute to watch our new video featuring Thomas Paine. It has been very well received by all who have viewed so far. Don't miss his compelling call to action.

We have more surprises planned as we prepare to begin choosing candidates in Texas this November. The rest of the states will choose candidates approximately two months before the filing deadline in their state.

Our intentions are to create competition in every primary next year. The incumbents need to know re-election is not automatic. We are not a third party, but rather a new, non-partisan way to find citizen legislators who will serve the people of their district. I hope you can get all in your network to join us.

In Liberty,

Tim Cox



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