Thursday, June 30, 2011

Warn Your Friends

The "money men" have warned us just as Paul Revere did many years ago. Thomas Paine is calling us to action in this video. Help awake the nation. Forward this note to every person you know. Listen to what Mr. Paine has to say.


Watch the politicians once again raise the debt ceiling just enough to get them through the next election cycle, while promising cuts ten years hence. Fools are we to allow it! Token cuts and trivial tax changes will be presented, but this group will again defer any pain to ensure they suffer no consequence.


Changes ten years hence will be too late. Fiscal responsibility is required now. 


Turn up the heat. Work with us to introduce competition this election cycle. Show them we are serious.


Keep this e-mail going. It is time to wake America! 


In liberty,

Tim C




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