Monday, September 12, 2011

Magic Video

Magic Video                   9/12/11
I'll bet you can't watch our newest video, GOOOH Magic, just once. This is one you will definitely forward to your family and friends. We've just posted and it is already getting rave reviews.

Our plan to elect true representatives is amazingly simple:

  1. Identify 435 committed leaders, one (or more) for each congressional district
  2. Build leadership teams of 3-10 members in each district
  3. Recruit 250 active members in each district
  4. Using the GOOOH selection process, select one person to compete in the 2012 primaries - the selection process will begin in Texas on 11/5/11
  5. Help each of the 435 candidates get on the ballot, set up a web site, file with the FEC, etc.
  6. Help the chosen candidate create a campaign team
  7. Campaign for the candidate

We will choose candidates to compete in the 2012 primaries. I sincerely hope you and every person in your network will help us find the modern day incarnations of Washington, Franklin and Jefferson.

As a reminder, if you would like us to distribute a 50 word summary about your group, please reply to this note. We communicate with ~4,000 leaders of patriotic groups across the country on a regular basis. Sharing information with one another is a great way to network and connect.

In Liberty,
Tim Cox

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