Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tax Reform Now!

America Needs Real Tax Reform!

Last week Mitt Romney stirred up controversy when he spoke about the 47% of working Americans who do not pay federal income taxes. While many people have different interpretations of what he meant, this comment highlights a far bigger problem which is the need for tax reform!

When all of you voted in putting together the Contract from America, you put tax reform as one of your top priorities for the country. This week tax reform took center stage in the national dialogue and has been the topic of much debate.

We need a tax code that is fairer and flatter for all working Americans. For too long a trend has continued that has created a tax culture where the few pay for the many. This has occurred due to large loopholes and a growing federal entitlement society.

Over the coming weeks, speak out and voice your support for the Contract from America and its call for tax reform. Our tax code will continue to be rigged until it becomes more fair, more flat and works for all Americans.

Thank you! Together - we WILL take our great country back!

In Freedom,

Contract From America Team

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