Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is Not Our Flag!

This Is Not Our Flag!


Recently, the Obama campaign sold a t-shirt depicting an American flag with the Obama logo replacing the 50 stars. This inappropriate depiction of our nation's flag perfectly summarizes the Obama administration's preference for propaganda over policy.

Four short years ago, then Senator Barack Obama called the debt accumulated under President Bush 'unpatriotic'. Now, four years later, he has accumulated debt faster than any one of his predecessors. So why the double standard?

Donate Today to Stop the Propaganda, Restore the Flag, and Change Policy!

For President Obama, propaganda and celebrity are far more important than executing fiscally responsible policies on behalf of the American people. The Contract from America will ensure that conservative fiscal policy is what drives our government. But to make this happen we need your help!

The Contract from America is the epitome of American patriotism. It was crafted by people across this country for people across this country. Now we need your donations to push these policy initiatives through Congress. Together we will stop the propaganda, restore the flag and bring real reform to Washington!

Thank you! Together - we WILL take our great country back!

In Freedom,

Contract From America Team

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