Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Doctor Rips Obamacare In Front of the President!

World Renowned Doctor Schools The President


Last week at the National Prayer Breakfast, with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden sitting next to him, Dr. Ben Carson delievered a brilliant conservative critique of Obamacare and the big government policies of the Obama administration.

Dr. Carson is the world renowned Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, and a fearless individual who leaves political correctness at the door. During his 27-minute speech, he highlighted one of the main tenets of the Contract From America: Obamacare doesn't work and must be repealed!

Dr. Carson's speech was a model for our movement moving forward. We must be insightful, well informed, and speak the truth! We have already made a splash in Washington by drawing so many signatures from elected officials last election, and now we must apply ourselves to the promotion of our principles.

Our Legislative Writing Committee is working hard to craft a bill to eliminate Obamacare, and grassroots activists nationwide are carrying our message of fiscal responsibility across the country. Thanks to your generosity, we will continue to promote the principles of the Contract From America and begin to turn this country around!

>>Watch Dr. Carson's Speech Here

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