Friday, February 1, 2013

Legislation Is Being Drafted NOW - We Need YOUR Help

The Next Big Step For The Tea Party Is Here!


Last week Barack Obama laid out his blueprint for the next four years in his inaugural address, and the picture was clear: the era of big government is back. If Obama has it his way, it's here to stay.

After four years of reckless spending, leading to record debt, and new data out this week saying that the U.S. economy shrunk for the first time since 2009, it's hard to imagine why the President would want to continue on the same disastrous path.

But there is good news; if we band together and unify behind the principles in The Contract From America, we won't have to meet that fate.

Our Legislative Writing Committee is prepared to start reaching out to members of Congress to craft the legislation that you voted for in last month's poll: Repealing Obamacare! Our team will also see what other alternatives there are to fight this disastrous bill!

Since Obamacare was passed, scores of flaws have been spotted in the legislation and just this week a major "glitch" was detected that will block many working families from receiving health insurance.  This overlooked "glitch" is just further proof at how poorly crafted this legislation is, and the urgent need to repeal it.

ur Legislative Writing Committee cannot do it alone, and putting together the coalitions that will make successful legislation possible, is expensive. We already have begun outreach so we can set up meetings with members of Congress, but to fund the committee we have set a goal of raising $5,000 by the end of next week!!

This is an attainable goal, but we will only reach it if patriots like you step up to the plate and donate. We cannot afford another four years like the last four and with your help, we won't!

Donate today and help our Legislative Writing Committee acquire the funds to shake up Congress with powerful legislation!

In Freedom,

Contract From America Team

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