Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MAJOR Announcement From The Contract From America

Contract From America & TheTeaParty.Net Unite!


Contract From America is reforming and regrouping for the 2014 elections, coinciding with the 20 year anniversary of Newt Gingrich's pivitol Contract with America. Today, we are thrilled to announce our full partnership with, the nation's largest tea party organization.

As part of this partnership we will be revisiting the substance of the Contract to make sure it includes your biggest concerns! Therefore we have set up a webpage for you to visit and submit your new ideas for inclusion into the Contract From America.

Thus far, the Contract From America has drawn signatures from scores of conservative politicians and candidates such as Senators
Cruz (R-TX), Paul (R-UT), Lee (R-UT), Rubio (R-FL) and Scott (R-SC) but we are looking to add many, many more!

2014 will be a crucial year and will dictate what the conservative movement looks like in the future. The Contract From America will serve as the backbone of the movement to define what we demand from our elected leaders.

Please help us by visiting our new wepage and letting us know your biggest concerns in 2014 and beyond so that we can make the Contract From America even more dynamic and bring America back to the core constitutional values it has drifted from!

Check out the full press release below.

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TheTeaParty.Net & Contract From America Form 2014 Partnership

WASHINGTON D.C. -- On the 20th anniversary of the Contract with America organized by Newt Gingrich for the 1994 mid-term elections, the nation's largest tea party group, TheTeaParty.Net and the Contract From America announced today that they have formed a full partnership through the 2014 elections to highlight the preeminent document of the Tea Party movement in the 2010 cycle that contributed to scores of Tea Party Conservatives elected.

The bottom-up, crowd-sourced Contract From America earned hundreds of signatures in 2010 and 2012 from conservative candidates across America, including currently serving Senators Cruz (R-TX), Paul (R-UT), Lee (R-UT), Ayotte (R-NH), Coburn (R-OK), Burr (R-NC), Rubio (R-FL), and Scott (R-SC).  In all, more than 80 elected Senators, Congressmen and Governors have signed the Contract From America in the past four years.

In the upcoming election cycle, the Contract From America and TheTeaParty.Net will help ensure that hundreds of more candidates agree to and then are held accountable to limited government and Constitutional principles if elected.

Between now and January 1, 2014, TheTeaParty.Net and Contract From America will together solicit ideas from across the country to incorporate new and pressing concerns such as the implementation of Obamacare. The groups have put together a website to obtain comments and suggestions on how the Contract From America should be amended to properly reflect the 2014 cycle.  The new ideas will be incorporated into the Contract through a bottom-up process that reflects the will of the grassroots.

Todd Cefaratti, founder of said, "The tea party is a true grassroots movement and that is why we are asking the grassroots to help us put together their priorities for the 2014 elections and the 113th Congress.  This is the average American's best opportunity to have a voice in the priorities of their elected officials in the next Congress. The Contract from America intends to replicate the success of 2010, by sweeping into power men and women who believe in smaller, smarter, more accountable federal government."

Ryan Hecker, Founder and President of the Contract From America, added, "We intend to issue a tea party agenda for the next Congress and ask every candidate, Republican and Democrat, to pledge their support.  And we will hold their feet to the fire to make sure an American grassroots agenda becomes their top priority once elected to office." 

Contract From America:

TheTeaParty.Net: www.TheTeaParty.Net

For further information, please contact Lauren Ehrsam at Javelin Public Affairs,

(202) 276-2560 or


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