Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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What Is Most Important To You?


The Contract From America is gearing up for the 2014 elections and beyond by teaming up with the nation's largest Tea Party organization,, to make the the Contract bigger and more influential in races across America.

With so many major issues coming to a head over the next year, the 2014 elections will be vital if we are going to save this country! This is no exaggeration. From healthcare to the debt ceiling to obedience to the Constitution, the very foundations of our nation are at risk of falling apart.

As a part of the Contract's transformation, we are revisiting the Contract and its contents in an effort to cater it more toward your concerns heading into the coming election cycles. Therefore we have set up a webpage for you to visit and submit your new ideas for inclusion into the Contract From America.

Thus far, the Contract From America has drawn signatures from scores of conservative politicians and candidates such as Senators
Cruz (R-TX), Paul (R-UT), Lee (R-UT), Rubio (R-FL) and Scott (R-SC) but we are looking to add many, many more!

These great leaders have signed the Contract because they, just like you, know what is at stake for our nation. Freedom and liberty are under assault from an out of control federal government that seeks to limit the power of its citizens and expand its own. Now, we want to call on all candidates and leaders, regardless of party affiliation, to join us by signing the Contract From America!

2014 will also dictate what the conservative movement looks like in the future. The Contract From America will serve as the backbone of the movement to define what we demand from our elected leaders. If the conservative movement does not stay strong to its core constitutional values, we may lose them forever!

So will you help us by being a part of this process? Visit our new webpage and tell us what your main concerns are and what you will be looking for in candidates during the 2014 elections and beyond. The more active you are, the stronger the Contract will become!

In Freedom,

Contract From America Team

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