Wednesday, December 11, 2013

NOTICE: Conference Call about TPP - Wed Night


All of you heard from me recently about this issue and an action letter we have put together that will be going to key Congressional leaders in the House.  And we do need your help with that.  But for know, and I know you are all swamped with many activities you are already engaged in, but if there is any way possible you can join me tonight on the Florida Alliance conference call I think you should find it interesting, and not because of me.  It's the subject m atter and the guest I've arranged to have on with us (see his bio below).  He is going to update everyone on TPP - this monstrosity of a trade agreement.  See his bio below.

Please let me know if you can join us so I recognize you.  It's will be nice for Florida leaders to know they have fellow patriots from other states on board.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Conference Call
Wed, Dec 11, 9 PM Eastern

CONFERENCE DIAL IN: 712-432-3066
873154 (access Code)

Speakers: (bios below)
Charles Blum
Ken Mayo

If you want to know about the Trans-Pacific Partnership and what we can do to help put a stop to ti be sure to attend this conference call.

I know Amy posted a release that the TPP probably would be delayed until 2014, but we have seen legislation sneaked in during the Christmas break in the past, and, frankly, I don't trust them.  I believe this "treaty" is just a Senate issue, since they call it a treaty.  But be assured, it is not just a treaty.



Charles Blum has been involved in manufacturing competitiveness issues for more than 35 years.  As a foreign service officer, he held a series of diplomatic positions in the State Department from 1971 to 1980.  He then joined the Office of the US Trade Representative, serving as Director of Steel Trade Policy (1980-2), Deputy Assistant USTR for Industry (1982-3), Assistant USTR for Industry (1983-5) and Assistant USTR for Multilateral Negotiations (1985-8).  In both agencies, he helped to fashion and execute US policy on steel,aircraft and other industrial trade issues. Since founding his consulting company in 1988, he has played a leading role in developing policy responses to problems involving steel trade, currency misalignment,  fundamental tax reform and smart trade agreements.  In 2007, he helped establish the Coalition for a Prosperous America and currently serves part-time as its director for government relations.  He has taught as an adjunct professor in American University's Kogod School of Business.  Mr. Blum earned a BA in History from Eastern University and an MA in international relations from the University of Pennsylvania, also completing all requirements for a Ph.D. except the dissertation.  He studied at the University of the Americas in Mexico City and the Foreign Service Institute.

Bio of Ken Mayo


While attending college and seminary in the late 70's and early 80's Ken worked as the volunteer Educational Director for a conservative grass roots (pro-life) group in Pennsylvania, NJ and Delaware.  A group founded by Dr. Harold O.J. Brown in the home of Billy Graham. Thus began his activism.  Ken comes with a number of years consulting and management experience in local and statewide political campaigns, from county commissioner and mayoral races to Congressional and statewide US Senate campaigns. Since returning to Florida in 2008 (from Pennsylvania) Ken has worked as Florida's State Director and Director of Operations for two national organizations; one whose focus is on recruiting and training candidates and grassroots activists, and the other on community outreach. With offices throughout Florida in 2012 Ken directed the activities of 17 full-time field coordinators and volunteers that resulted in numerous bus rallies, speaking engagements and over 19 million phone calls and 100,000 homes being touched. Ken served in the US Navy from 1970 to 1974 as a Communications Specialist before obtaining his undergraduate degree in Biblical and Theological Studies and a Masters degree in Law.


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