Thursday, December 19, 2013

UPDATED: 2016 Poll Now Out!

Take Our Presidential Poll Today!

CORRECTION: Due to a glitch with our email system, an email that was meant to be sent to you yesterday, December 18th, regarding the impending U.S. Senate vote on the budget deal, was sent this morning, December 19th. The vote happened yesterday and the Senate passed the bill by a 64-36 margin. The bill now goes to President Obama for final approval.


With all of the disappointment and disfunction in Washington, concerned Americans are ready for real and substantial change. The 2016 Presidential election may be 3 years away but the horserace has already begun. Now the nation wants to know, who do conservative Americans favor?

Unlike last time, tea party conservatives are getting more active, earlier. But who do they favor? To get a better idea of the conservative landscape, we created a 2016 poll that will send a clear message to the party insiders.

Unlike standard polls, this poll uses a "crowdsourcing" method that will offer unparalled insight into the opinion of tea party conservatives.

Click on the image below to take our poll:

Everyone we have put on our list has been on the receiving end of a great deal of Presidential hype recently, and offer conservatives a wide variety of options. 2016 will be a crucial election for our nation after 8 years of Barack Obama. We must be unified!

The results of this poll will be extremely important for the Republican Party and will send a clear signal of what issues are most important to us, who is the best messenger for them, and most importantly, who can WIN!

Do not delay! Vote in this groundbreaking new poll, and let's make sure we shake up the early 2016 jockeying by making our voices heard loud and clear!

In Freedom,

Contract From America Team

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