Wednesday, June 3, 2015

TODAY, your call is important, and I'll tell you why

make_the_call.jpgDear Friend:

We expect a vote in the House of Representatives on Fast Track Trade Authority as early as next week. 

Globalists and international elites are pushing your Congressman hard to vote "yes". 

Please make the call TODAY to your Representative's office and demand that he/she commits to voting no.  They must hear from you to prevent Obama from making an egregious grab for power.

Here's what you do:

1.  Identify Your Representative in the U.S. Congress.

- Find your Representative by using your zip code.

- Click your Representatives name on the list of Representatives here to get his/her contact information.

2.   Call and demand that your Congressman vote "no" by saying:

As a conservative, I don't want Congressman _________ to give Fast Track trade authority to President Obama. He/she should not give even more authority to the President.  We need to preserve US sovereignty and create jobs and growth here.  I am asking Congressman ___________ to commit to voting no, and I will let the conservative movement know if he refuses to commit.  Will he/she commit to voting "no" on Fast Track?

3.  Use this form to let us know whether your Congressman committed to voting "no" or refused to commit.

And thanks for making the call!


Stephani Scruggs

P.S. Can't make the call?  Then send an email, and thank you!


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