Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ask These Candidates To Sign the Contract

More Candidates Are Signing the Contract from America

As state primaries come and go and the November elections rapidly approach, more and more candidates are affirming their support for the Contract from America.

Kerry Bentivolio, the Republican nominee for Michigan's 11th District, just joined over 500,000 patriots from across the country in signing the Contract from America, and we need to get even more candidates to join us!

Help us turn up the heat on candidates who haven't signed the contract yet by giving them a call and inviting them to do so. Below is a list of 11 candidates who we would like to sign the Contract from America, and you can help make that happen by calling them today and asking them to visit to sign it!

Ron Gould (AZ) (928) 854-6971
Jim Bridenstine (OK) (918) 877-0252
Mark Meadows (NC) (828) 697-5012
Andy Barr (KY) (859) 806-8683
Kevin Cramer (ND) (701) 751-0933
Brad Wenstrup (OH) (513) 279-2723
Chris Stewart (UT) (801) 447-0475
Scott Perry (PA) (717) 819-2091
George Holding (NC) (919) 755-4083
Robert Pittenger (NC) (704) 650-1722

Whether you can call just one or two, or if you can call the entire list, by inviting these candidates to sign the contract, we can be sure that they will represent our values once elected.

Thank you for your hard work in support of the cause!

Best Wishes,

Contract From America Team

August, 14 2012


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