Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Contract is Key to Tea Party Success

The Contract from America Key Component of Tea Party Movement

The Contract from America is a grassroots-generated, bottom-up call for real economic conservative and good governance reform - and it's a key component of the Tea Party movement!

Undoing the damage done by the Obama economy, protecting personal liberty, and restoring American exceptionalism are top priorities for conservatives across the country, and the Contract from America is an important part of making that happen.

By demanding a balanced budget, rejecting cap-and-trade, and calling for an immediate end to runaway government spending, the Contract from America has laid out the policy demands of the tea party movement and has set the blueprint for restoring limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility. Over 500 candidates have signed the contract, including Senators Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, and Marco Rubio.

We are at a moment in history that demands action from us. We cannot afford to allow the left to continue to take us down the path of government dependence and trillion-dollar deficits. By holding our leaders accountable and voting out the politicians who don't support our constitutionally conservative values, we can put this country back on the right track.

If you support the tea party movement and the Contract from America, then make a contribution today. The strength of the movement is that it's bottom-up - the power and responsibility belongs to the individuals. By pooling together the contributions of hundreds of thousands of patriots, we can influence the direction of this country.

Have your voice heard today. Stand with us, support the tea party movement, and make a donation --HERE--

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Contract From America Team

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