Friday, January 11, 2013

Biden: Curb Bill of Rights by Executive Order


If there is one thing President Obama hates, it is having to go through Congress. He has signed executive orders for just about everything, but now he is after something sacred; the Second Amendment!

In a speech this week, Vice President Joe Biden openly declared that President Obama will begin to dismantle the Second Amendment by signing an executive order, completely disregarding Congress or the will of the people.

Make no mistake: this is the first step towards totalitarianism. A government which can simply issue an executive order and take away your rights, is one that doesn't value your rights!

We need your help to fight back against this assault on freedom. Your support will aid our efforts to demand that our signers in Congress intervene and pass legislation to overturn any executive order on guns. If we do not stand up to President Obama as he tramples all over the Constitution, then we may soon not have a Constitution to protect!

Donate RIGHT NOW and help us rally the grassroots around the Contract From America and demand the President stop this outrageous Presidential overreach!

Our privately owned firearms helped make America a free country. If we give them away we are surrendering that ultimate freedom and degrading the honor of those revolutionaries who died to give us this right!

Donate today and refuse to back down to this authoritarian move to destroy the Second Amendment!

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