Friday, January 18, 2013

Obama's Assault On Our 2nd Amendment

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Dear Patriot,

President Obama just announced a barrage of new Executive Orders designed to steal your Second Amendment rights!

Twenty-three new massive power grabs. Huge expansion of Washington control. Direct assault on your liberty and your family. Obama is not trying an end-run on the Constitution - it is a direct assault! Obama is doing exactly what he promised to his radical followers like Nancy Pelosi, George Soros and the entire Left. And the liberal media, of course, is conspiring in this outright assault against your Second Amendment freedom.

Exploiting school children, grieving families, and a national tragedy, Obama will stop at nothing to push his radical policies.

His sweeping edicts include even further expansion of Obamacare -even requiring your doctor to report whether you own a gun or not. Add in another $4.5 Billion in deficit spending. And you have Obama's dream - a neutered 2nd Amendment and direct control of your life and your family.

Fellow patriot, it's critical that you stand with me today and make your voice heard. I won't hold back in opposing Obama's assault on our liberties. I need you to help me make a firm stand. Will you be one of 250 supporters who contributes $35 today? Click Here.

If we allow these executive orders to go unopposed, it will allow Obama to expand his control over our nation and our future. Don't like Obamacare? It is going to get worse. A secret national database with your private medical information plus a Big-government registry of every single gun owner in America.

Think about it; your Doctor is being encouraged to report you to Obama if he believes you may have a gun in your home. Outrageous!

I refuse. I will not allow it! I cannot be silent and allow this radical President in a second term to violate the Constitution - to violate the rule of law - to use your hard-earned tax money to violate your own Second Amendment rights.

Make no mistake, a bunch of weak-kneed politicians and bureaucrats in Washington agree with Obama's agenda. They won't lift a finger to defend you. They won't stand for the Rule of Law or the Constitution.

But I pledge to do anything and everything to defend you and your family against Obama and those in Washington who want to take away your freedoms. Whether it is the Second Amendment, your First Amendment rights, or simply your right to be free American citizens, I will fight the continual onslaught against your families and your freedoms.

Liberty is too precious to quietly allow any President to show such disregard for the rule of law, fiscal responsibility, and the foundations of our democracy.

Make no mistake: Conservative colleagues and I pledge to do anything and everything to defend your rights against Obama and the Liberal Media's assault on freedom. And with your support, we will win this fight. Make your contribution of $35 today by clicking here.

An independent voice for Liberty,

Congressman Tim Huelskamp


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