Friday, March 15, 2013

NEW POLL: What Type Of Books Do You Read?

Take Our Book Club Poll!

We here at the Contract From America love to read, and believe it is the foundation of building a more thoughtful and educated political platform. That is why we want to create America's Book Club; a list of books chosen by you that we all can read, discuss and debate.

Therefore, we want to know what type of books are favored most by grassroots tea party conservatives. As a group that grounds itself on a strong sense of American history, it is important for conservatives to know what shapes our worldview, and how it is reinforced in the modern age. To help in that process we have created a poll to dig deeper into reading preferences. 

Click on the image below to take our poll:

Much like our 2016 Presidential poll, this one uses the same "crowdsourcing" technology to give us a true sense of grassroots conservative preference when it comes to civic literature.

From history to economics to public policy, history is being written and debated in the present like never before. So join us in that discussion as we launch our book club!

So tell us, what books do you prefer?

In Freedom,

Contract From America Team

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