Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We Survived!

The President Who Cried Wolf


For months we have been hearing that the sky would come crashing down if the sequester went into effect, and that a 2.5% cut in federal spending would have untold consequences to our economy. Well the sequester went into effect, the sky is intact, and we all are still alive.

What was the cause of all this hyperbole? Politics. The President had no desire to get a bill passed to avoid the sequester. Instead he played politics and used scare tactics to get the Republicans to either cave to his liberal, big-government demands or take the blame for allowing the sequester to go into effect.

The facts are clear: if we really want to fix Washington's problems we'll need to cut A LOT more than 2.5% of the budget!

This is exactly why the Contract From America is more important now than ever before. The oath of office sadly isn't enough to keep our politicians from playing dirty politics and running our economy deeper into the ground!

The Contract From America has become a rallying point for all those who seek greater accountability in Washington. Whether it be the Congressional race in South Carolina's 1st district or the 2016 Presidential election, people across America are demanding all candidates sign their name to the 10 founding principles of the Contract From America!

Donate today and help keep our efforts moving forward. The American people are mad, and they aren't going to take it anymore! If politicians from both parties want to play politics on our dime after they signed the Contract From America, they will have all of us to answer to.

So take a moment today to make a donation to the Contract and our team. We are at a crossroads in our history and we need you with us every step of the way. Donate now!

In Freedom,

Contract From America Team

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