Thursday, June 6, 2013

$50 Million and Counting

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Where does it end?

First, we find out that the IRS intentionally targeted conservatives for their ideological views and now we have discovered that the IRS spent FIFTY MILLION of your taxpayer dollars on 200 "conferences" over the past 2 years.

50 million?

That sum includes baseball tickets, presidential suites, and line dancing classes for IRS employees, and we paid for every dime of it.

It's clear that there is a systemic failure in management at the IRS and, unfortunately, I do not think that we have fully discovered everything that took place at the corrupt bureaucracy. Sign our petition and help us uncover what truly happened at the IRS.

For an organization like the IRS, which is charged with collecting our tax dollars and holding us accountable when we fail to pay, this level of corruption is absolutely unacceptable. Americans, regardless of their political views, should never be subjected to this kind of harassment and targeting from the federal government.

Who is responsible for the targeting and lavish expenditures? Where did the orders originate? These questions are still unanswered because almost nobody at the IRS knows what is going on, and those who do know have invoked their Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

This behavior should never occur in a democracy, yet we conservatives have been dealing with it for years.

You can help us get the answers that we deserve by signing our petition today.

And, if you can, please consider donating $5 to our efforts.

For Freedom, 

Mitch McConnell

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