Sunday, June 2, 2013

"Higher-Ups" Involved In Cracking Down On YOU!

Where Does It End?


This week we learned that it wasn't just a few rogue IRS agents in Cincinnati who were targeting conservative groups, but "higher-ups" at the agency were also requesting information and additional scrutiny!

As the investigation continues, more and more damning reports are emerging about the broader, concerted effort to silence tea party conservative groups like ours. Among the letters released as part of the investigation was one signed by Loris Lerner, who pleaded the 5th last week and refused questioning before a U.S. House committee.

How far up does it go?! Friend, this is the face of big government. Now we know that the evils that may have originated from mid-level bureaucrats made their way all the way into the highest levels of government.

Harry Truman famously said of the Oval Office that "The Buck Stops Here," however in Barack Obama's White House, that maxim does not apply. Corruption in government is a cancer and conservatives have become its latest victim!

We cannot allow this to continue and must demand independent prosecutors, the firing of all involved, and a return to our founding principles of small government and low taxes found in the Contract From America!

Will you donate right now to help us bring the constitutional hammer down on Congress and recruit great candidates to run in 2014? If we do not act fast, these scandals will continue to bloom and our freedoms will continue to dwindle!

Let's purge our government of this disease of corruption and demand accountability. Donate to the Contract From America today!

In Freedom,

Contract From America Team

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