Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Results of Our Poll are In!

The Results Are In!

The results of our poll are in! Thousands upon thousands of people voted in our poll on what issue facing our nation is most important to them. These results will instruct our Legislative Writing Committee to address the issue most pressing to you all first.

The poll consisted of five "either or" style questions, pitting two of the ten issues of the Contract against one another. The issue that received the highest amount of votes won. With 75% of the vote, Repealing & Replacing Obamacare was voted as your most important issue. Down-ballot, the race was close, with the top five issues as follows:
  • Repealing & Replacing Obamacare - 75%
  • Protect the Constitution - 58%
  • Restore Fiscal Responsibility - 54%
  • Fundamental Tax Reform - 51%
  • All-of-the-Above Energy Policy - 48% 

As we expected, the Contract For America reflected how most Americans feel. A recent Gallup poll conducted in mid-November shows that the majority of Americans are also against government-run healthcare.

The Contract From America team will now work to repeal & replace Obamacare, protect the constitution, restore fiscal responsibility and all the other issues you voted on. We will announce our next steps in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out!

These poll results are the beginning of our push to fundamentally change how our government currently operates and to instill the kinds of common sense reforms you helped us champion in the creation of this document. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for participating in the poll. It is that kind of incredible outpouring of support that gives us great confidence that we are on the brink of a new awakening in this country. However now is not a time to get complacent or spend too much time patting ourselves on the back. Now we must work hard alongside our Legislative Writing Committee to ensure our will is heard in Congress!

Please donate now to the Legislative Writing Committee to make sure they have the tools to turn our votes online into votes in Congress! You can be sure that the left will fight us every step of the way in this battle to restore America. However the results of this poll show that our movement and the Contract is stronger than ever. That is something we all should be proud of!

In Freedom,

Contract From America Team

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