Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why They Want to Disarm You

Protect Our Guns!

When our Founders first authored the Bill of Rights, they put our right to bear arms directly under our right to free speech, press, and religion. This was no accident.

Our Founding Fathers understood that in order to preserve our freedoms we had to be able to protect ourselves from those (neighbors, governments, or others) who tried to unjustly take away those freedoms.

Unfortunately, some politicians believe they know better than our Founders and seek to disarm the population. In Illinois, it looked like they had succeeded, as it had been illegal to carry a concealed weapon. But a federal appeals court in Chicago lifted the ban this week and demanded a new law be written.

Taking away our right to carry a firearm is a DIRECT violation of the Second Amendment. For that very reason, you voted to include the principle of protecting the Constitution in the Contract From America.

Politicians are always going to think they know better than responsible gun owners, and they will not stop their pursuit of abolishing gun ownership because when they succeed they gain more power.

While the appeals court in Chicago made the right decision, this should be seen as a warning to all of us. No citizen should have their rights taken away like the people of Illinois did, and now we all must rally around the Contract and its principles and make sure this ban is reversed everywhere!

Donate today and we can send a strong message to Washington D.C. and state capitols across the country letting them know we stand united against unreasonable and unconstitutional gun control!

In Freedom,

Contract From America Team

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