Friday, December 28, 2012

Sign The Petition - Politicians Can't Get It Done

4 Days Left

In four short days, the United States will fall head over heels off the fiscal cliff. On New Year's Day, if a deal is not reached, Americans everywhere will feel the painful effects of massive, across the board, tax hikes.

The Republican Party claims to represent tea party conservatives, but during these fiscal cliff negotiations they have sold us out. Speaker Boehner has continued to cave to the President's demands on tax hikes, and will soon forfeit all the conservative principles that he once claimed to hold.

That is why we have started a petition to stop the tax hikes and demanding that the Republicans stay true to the Contract From America!

Click the image below to sign the petition!:

With only 4 days to go, Speaker Boehner and the Republicans have two options: cave to the President, or fight. As supporters of The Contract From America, we signed our names to this document because we knew that, without a doubt, the principles within it were the principles that would save this country. Many current members said they were with us and now the real test has come.

Take some time today to sign this petiton and demand that the Republicans not cave to the President's tax and spend ideology! We CAN get out of this fiscal mess and the answer is found in the Contract From America!

Best Wishes,

Contract From America Team

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