Thursday, May 16, 2013

Big Brother Is Coming For YOU!!

No One Is Safe!


ANOTHER scandal has emerged from Washington DC! It has been reported that the Department of Justice has been confiscating phone records and monitoring the communications of reporters at the Associated Press!

As if using the IRS to punish those who disagree with you wasn't bad enough, this administration has gone a step further and has been secretly monitoring reporters whose job it is to report on the administration!

As George Will said this weekend: "How dumb do they think we are?!"

The hubris of the Obama administration to completely trample on our Constitution and Bill of Rights has been on full display this week. As a group that has been personally affected by the Obama regime's dirty tricks, we must stand united behind our principles and support for the Constitution.

We need you to make a donation right now so that we can grow bigger and stronger before, even in the face of intimidation from the federal government!

The Constitution and Bill of Rights is what the President fears the most, and they are the only way to reign in this out of control government. They are the principles that made the Contract strong and attracted so many great candidates, but they will also be the principles that save our nation!

That is why we need your immediate donation now more than ever!

Help us stick it to the big-government liberals who wish to keep us quiet and keep the free press in check. They will not succeed in their game of intimidation because it will be patriots like us who defeat them! Donate right now to the Contract From America and stand with us!

In Freedom,

Contract From America Team

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