Saturday, May 11, 2013

URGENT: Liberals In Joe Biden's Home State Are Trying To Destroy Our Electoral System!

Liberals Very Close To Passing Legislation To Steal Elections!


The Democrats in Vice President Joe Biden's home state of Delaware are blatantly trying to steal elections and corrupt the state's electoral system!

Currently before the Delaware state legislature is a bill (HB 105) that would allow for same-day voter registration with some of the most liberal standards in the nation!

If this bill were to pass, illegal immigrants, prohibited felons, and people who already voted could register to vote simply by showing up to the polls with a copy of an electric bill that could easily have been forged, purchased, or plucked from the trash!

Joe Biden's son, Beau, is currently the Delaware Attorney General, so you can bet he will be calling in his connections in Washington D.C. to help influence the outcome.
If we allow this bill to pass and the liberals to win, we risk losing all the credibility in our electoral process!

Stop The Liberals From Taking Down Our Electoral System! Donate NOW!

The fight going on in Delaware will set a precedent for the entire nation! All conservatives MUST come to the aid of Delaware Republicans and help them defeat this legislation! To help, we have set up a Delaware Emergency Fund to collect all the resources we can for this fight.

My friend, we must not take this lightly. Same day voter registration is a slap in the face to our democracy and will lead to voter fraud on a scale never seen before.

Donate today and let's show the people of Delaware and concerned citizens across the country that we will not allow this evil bill to pass!

In Freedom,

Contract From America Team

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