Friday, May 24, 2013

"We're Coming After YOU"

Fight The Nanny State!


Last week, Politico ran a damning piece entitled "D.C. Turns On Obama." This article was a great inside look at an administration whose arrogance and holier-than-thou approach to governing has created an out of control federal government that is corrupt and trampling on our civil liberties.

The reason we share this with you today is because of one interesting paragraph regarding the scandals:

""And it goes beyond even the story,"  said National Journal's Ron Fournier, who covered the Clinton and Bush scandals and was once the AP Washington bureau chief, said on the show. "One common thing with Benghazi and the IRS scandal, is we're being misled every day. We were lied to on Benghazi, on the talking points behind Benghazi, for months. We were lied to by the IRS for months and now they're sending a clear message to our sources: 'Don't embarrass the administration or we're coming after you.'"

This is what big government looks like: A mix of lies, scandals, and corruption. President Obama has hid within the walls of the White House, never emerging unless for vacation or a campaign stop, while he grows government to its biggest size ever.

It is now up to us to make it stop! If not us, who? If not now, when?

The Contract From America is the key to getting our government under control. It is a binding agreement with the people of America that demands elected officials uphold some of the most fundamental principles of our nation.

But now, the White House is in full defense mode and will be out to attack the very groups that were subjected to IRS abuse, including our own!

Therefore we are calling all hands on deck and calling on you to donate to the Contract From America today! The Contract is needed now more than ever and we need to give it the fuel it needs to be a major force in the 2014 elections!

So will you stand up for the core principles of America and combat President Obama's out of control nanny state? If so, donate now!

In Freedom,

Contract From America Team

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