Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The IRS Targets The CFA!

When The Government Attacks...


As many of you already know, the federal government has intentionally used the tax code to harm conservative Americans!

That's right, the Obama administration, through the "impartial" Internal Revenue Service (IRS), has been engaged in a concerted effort to destroy conservative and tea party organizations by targeting them for intense audits and tax crackdowns.

The IRS sought to silence and intimidate the American people in one of the biggest scandals in memory and it is
an abuse of power of the highest order!

Reports say that since early 2010, over 75 groups have been targeted for being associated with the words "Tea Party" or "Conservative." Even our own group, The Contract From America, has had its tax-exempt status held up for three years for being affiliated with the tea party!

Americans were persecuted by their own government for their beliefs and the Obama administration must be held accountable! We WILL demand congressional hearings and we WILL get answers!

We need you to make a donation today to help us continue to promote the limited government principles that the IRS is so afraid of and DEMAND answers!

government has been caught red handed trying to shut down a group of its citizens who wish to return it to constitutional principles and it must be held to account. You can bet that there are many more involved in this and that this scandal reaches into every level of the federal government.

 As this report has shown, our freedom can't be taken for granted because the government is always trying to take it away! We must seize this moment. Donate to the Contract From America today and let's begin to take back our government from those who seek to silence us!

In Freedom,

Contract From America Team

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