Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Former Eric Holder Supporter might win a Republican congressional seat

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Dear Patriot,

If you want answers on Benghazi, you need to read this. This is a big reason that Trey Gowdy is supporting Barry Loudermilk for Congress along with Justin Amash, FreedomWorks, Tea Party Express, and more. We need you to support him TODAY.

One of the most conservative districts in the country might be won by a man who went out of his way to help get Eric Holder confirmed as Attorney General.

I am writing you today because we need your help.

In Georgia's 11th district, former Congressman Bob Barr is trying to return to Washington D.C.

Bob Barr helped Eric Holder become the Attorney General, endorsing his confirmation in the US Senate and defending Holder the first 4 years of this administration.

The last thing we need is a Republican in D.C. who is going to play nice with extreme liberals like Eric Holder and allow him and the administration to get away with the numerous scandals that have occurred.

But there is good news... (read below)

A Conservative Champion named Barry Loudermilk is running and is in a tight race with Barr.

Barry Loudermilk wants to show Eric Holder the door.

Barry is supported by Trey Gowdy and several major conservative groups (FreedomWorks, Madison Project, Tea Party Leadership Fund, Senate Conservatives Fund).

He will PROUDLY stand with Trey Gowdy in demanding answers from Eric Holder and the rest of the administration.

But he needs your help today to win this race.

Recent polls show us in the lead over Barr, but it is very close. Barry leads 25%-23%.

Our primary is just 5 days away.

Please donate NOW to help us get a win for Conservatism and help us #MakeDCListen.

Barry Loudermilk has served in the Georgia Senate fighting for individual freedoms and limited government. He is a husband, father, Air Force Veteran and small business owner. And he's an everyday citizen, like you and me.

We need a conservative champion like Barry Loudermilk.

Please donate now to help send this TRUE Statesman to Washington.

Thank you,

Rob Adkerson
Campaign Manager
Loudermilk for Congress

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