Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ben Carson: The Left's new target

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Fellow Patriot – 

When the Left starts to attack you, it's a pretty good sign you're making progress.

So it shouldn't surprise you that Dr. Ben Carson has become the Left's newest target now that he's leading the fight to replace Obamacare as Chairman of American Legacy PAC's Save Our Healthcare Project.

Just take a look at the recent headline below from the far-Left Media Matters, right after Dr. Carson touted personal health savings accounts as one way to give people, not government, more control of their own healthcare.

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Do you think Media Matters mentioned that one of their so-called "health care experts" was actually paid $400,000 by President Obama's own Department of Health & Human Services? Of course not.

The Left is worried – and they should be.

Since stepping up to lead American Legacy PAC's Save Our Healthcare Project, Dr. Carson has recruited over 300,000 Americans in all 50 states in just 3 months. That's 300,000 people who have had enough of Obamacare and are ready to deliver a message at the polls this November.

President Obama has said, "The debate is over" when it comes to Obamacare.

Well Dr. Carson has a different idea – and he needs our support now.

Please help Dr. Carson fight back by donating to American Legacy PAC's Save Our Healthcare Project right now.

Your donation will directly help Dr. Carson to expand his national grassroots campaign, build support for real, patient-centered health reforms, and help elect a new class of leaders in Washington who share his vision.

All too often, the Left destroys conservatives who speak up for common sense.

We can't allow Dr. Carson's voice to be silenced. We need him to continue leading the fight to replace Obamacare.

Please lend your direct support to Dr. Carson and American Legacy PAC's Save Our Healthcare Project with a secure, online donation right now.

Big or small, any amount helps.

Thank for your time.


Adam Waldeck
Executive Director
American Legacy PAC

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