Tuesday, May 20, 2014

You'll Never Guess Who Just Signed The Contract!

American Patriots,

Today major primaries are happening all over the country in states such as Kentucky and Georgia. However if we are to TRULY influence these races we need to get AHEAD of them. That means pressuring their offices to sign the Contract From America!

So far we have been so effective that Rep. Matt Salmon (AZ-05) has come forward to sign the Contract! This is a MAJOR achievement for everyone in our movement!

Now it is time we continue to push candidates with upcoming primaries to sign the contract. Pick up the phone now and demand that the below candidates sign the Contract From America located at!

Will Hurd (TX-23) 210-892-4588 @WillHurd
Brian Babin (TX-36) 409-377-2495 @Babin4Congress
Ben Streusand (TX-36) 832-291-9009   
Chad Mathis (AL-6)
Gary Palmer (AL-6)
Steve Mathje (IA-1)
Rod Blum (IA-1) 563-581-9677 @BlumforCongress
Mark Lofgren (IA-2) 563-260-1199 @LofgrenforIowa
Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA-2)

Robert Cramer (IA-3)
Matt Schultz (IA-3)
Monte Shaw (IA-3)
515-645-9655 @IowansForShaw
Brad Zaun (IA-3) 515-276-2025
David Young (IA-3) 515-996-0325 @YoungForIowa
Sen. Mark Pryor (AR Senate) 202-224-2353 @SenMarkPryor

Let's not get complacent. Keep up the pressure on all candidates in races across America regardless of party affiliation. They need to know that you are watching to see if they are for the principles upon which the Founders established our republic or if they are against them. Let these candidates know that you expect them to sign the Contract and pledge their support to the Constitution and the people of the United States!

When these leaders sign their names to a document like the Contract from America, they take it seriously. It's a commitment from them to stay true to our shared belief in individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom. Make sure they go to today and sign!

Whether you have time to call and/or tweet just one person on this list, or if you can contact them all today, please take a moment to do so right now. Thank you for your continued support!

Thank you,
Ryan Hecker
Founder and President of the Contract From America

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