Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Precision Guided Firearms, Now in Semi-Automatic - Track Moving Targets, Stream Video and More

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The World's First Smart Rifle, Now in Semi-Automatic - Track Moving Targets, Stream Video and More

Introducing the Semi-Automatic Smart Rifle.

TrackingPoint smart rifles, developed by military experts and a team of over forty engineers, have virtually eliminated shooter error and adverse conditions from the firing equation. Our Tag-Track-Xact system can more than double the proficiency of a skilled shooter and let them take shots they'd never before even attempt, while capturing it all on video. TrackingPoint smart rifles increase effective range, maximize accuracy, and almost entirely eliminate the possibility of errant shots. We've combined our technological innovations with the best hardware in the American gun industry has to offer, fusing our integrated trigger and groundbreaking scope system with 7.62, 300 BLK & 5.56 Semi Auto Platforms along with  .338 Lapua and .300 Win Mag bolt action rifles to create a firing system unparalleled in the world today.

5x the Accuracy, Even at Extreme Distance.

Watch a Hands on Demonstration!

TrackingPoint is excited to report that the US Military has begun evaluation of smart rifle systems!

Supply of our AR Series line for 2014 is extremely limited, and the link above will give potential buyers an opportunity to try TrackingPoint at a local range, see the full line of capabilities provided by our technology, and even get your hands on your own PGF while the chance is still available.

For videos, photo galleries and in-depth technology info CLICK HERE to learn how the smart rifle works, and get your chance to get behind one soon!

See It on the Range & On the Hunt!

Josh Rininger

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