Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Friend, you have until July 21 to prevent our government's deception


If the US Government has its way, THIS:

will be classified as "US Made"...

After all these trade and global governance agreements like NAFTA and the World Trade Organization, the US has generated the worst trade deficit in the world, and in the history of the world.

And now, instead of responding to the American public’s demand to protect our sovereignty and our industries, the government wants to cover up the evidence of the damage.

They have put together an Economic Classification Policy Committee (ECPC) to make a sneaky proposal known as the “factoryless goods production” rule.

But there's still time:

Oppose this deception by

emailing an official comment by the July 21 Deadline.

The Office of Management and Budget is proposing a dangerous Factory-less Goods Production (FGP) and Global Value Chain (GVC) rule to artificially inflate manufacturing production and reduce the trade deficit.

The result is that our trade deficit would shrink and our manufacturing output would grow with the stroke of a pen.  Without adding any more real jobs or production.

Under this proposed rule, if a US based company offshores manufacturing work, much of it will classified as US production. 

For example: Apple's iPad is manufactured by FoxConn in China under contract rather than in the US. OMB's proposed rule would classify the engineering, marketing and profit to Apple as US production.  An iPad sale to Japan would count as a US export.

Further, imported products from foreign contract manufacturers hired by a US company will no longer be a "goods import" but rather a "manufacturing services import".  This means that products from Flextronics in Mexico, which makes components in Mexico for US firms that are shipped to the US, would no longer be considered a "goods import" but a "services import".

The proposal would disguise the erosion of U.S. manufacturing jobs caused by bad government policies. It would deceptively deflate the U.S. manufacturing trade deficit and artificially inflate American manufacturing jobs.

This is deception on the part of our government, and we should not stand for it!


Submit a comment today to keep Obama's “factoryless goods production” deception from becoming a reality.  You also can view the notice for this lunatic proposal in the Federal Register for yourself.

The comment period ends July 21, so please act today.


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