Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Private Stock Market Where Mitt Romney Made $200 Million

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The Private Stock Market Where Mitt Romney Made $200 Million

Millionaire investors like Mitt Romney and Bono have
been profiting in this secret market for years...
And you can, too.

     You've got to hand it to Mitt Romney. He made his money on his own. His dad was rich, but Mitt donated his entire inheritance to Brigham Young University. Then he went out and made his own fortune.    

     It's how he made his estimated $200 million nest egg that's interesting.

     In short, he discovered a hidden stock market that only 6% of investors even participate in.  It's a pretty glitzy club -- presidents, senators, and rock stars all have made millions in this exclusive market. Romney himself made what amounts to $6,400 an hour for 15 years.

     Until recently, 94% of investors have been unable to get into this market and capitalize on some of the biggest growth stories on the planet. But now you can get in on it, too. 

     We've found a secret loophole that gives everyday investors a way in. We're revealing it in our latest report -- read about it here.

Many happy returns...

 Andy Obermueller
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