Monday, October 1, 2012

These Leaders Need to Hear from You!

Keep the Pressure on These Leaders to Sign the Contract from America!

Thanks to your phone calls and hard work, both Robert Pittenger (NC-09) and Brad Wenstrup (OH-2) have recently signed the Contract. Bringing them on board means we are making a real impact!

The reason so many candidates and elected officials have signed the Contract is because they have been encouraged by you to do so. That's why we're asking you to call the following list of candidates and ask them to join us in signing the Contract from America!

Remember to tell them that they can sign it online at

Joe Coors (CO-7) (303) 526-0811
Martha McSally (AZ-2)
(520) 488-9286
Richard Hudson (NC-08) (704) 795-2012
Randy Weber (TX-14) (281) 410-8914
Steve Daines (MT-At Large) (406) 600-1153
Kevin Cramer (ND-At Large) (701) 751-0933
Jason Plummer (IL-12) (855) 527-6612
Mia Love (UT-4) (801) 657-5534
Maggie Brooks (NY-25) (585) 319-4460
John Archer (IA-2) (563) 484-0880

When these leaders sign their names to a document like the Contract from America, they take it seriously. It's a commitment from them to stay true to our shared belief in individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom.

Whether you have time to call just one person on this list, or if you can call them all today, please take a moment to do so right now. Thank you for your continued support!

Best Wishes,

Contract From America Team

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