Friday, October 12, 2012

We Demand More!

A Lot of Talk, Not a Lot of Substance

Last night we watched two seasoned politicians duke it out in front of tens of millions of people. The only problem: substance. Time after time, candidates interrupted each other causing the real solutions to not see the light of day. They spoke about details and talked about numbers, statistics and strategy but they did not get specific about what exactly they would do. Recently, Richard Hudson (NC-8) signed the Contract. He is the latest influential leader to sign the contract and with his support our message will continue to grow. It needs to grow to the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates.

If these candidates want our trust moving forward, they will need to address our real problems head on. From tax reform to debt reduction, this debate was void of solid specifics. I hope you will join me in demanding MORE from both candidates! They need to read and sign the Contract. Our planks are specific and provide for real reform!

We are going to stand up for policy specifics. While these politicians know their "political talk", it's time to get specific and we are going to continually demand it!

Send the Contract From America to everyone you know - it's a leadership document created by you and everyone running this year should sign it just like Richard Hudson.

Thanks for sticking with us and let's continue to always push the debate to specifics!

In Freedom,

Contract From America Team

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