Monday, February 10, 2014

ACTION ALERT for Group MEMBERSHIP - Written for your "group membership" (change as you see fit)

Below is what I've used to send to some group memberships I work with.  Just cut and past or change as you see fit.  Also, as a group you can help by taking action here.  Click and scroll to the bottom to see other groups that have joined in the effort.  
We NEED your help.

Many of you helped in December and January by signing a petition that Stephani Scruggs (National 912 PAC) and I personally delivered at 43 scheduled meetings in DC just three weeks ago.  They listened, but there are still a few that didn't quite understand that this is an issue about Sovereignty.  In fact, just last week, with the backing of the House Republican leadership, key House Republicans have mounted a multi-pronged campaign within their caucus to build support for and fight opposition to a bill to renew Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), better known as Fast Track.

According to to "Inside US Trade", a "built-in trade whip team" run by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) and Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX) has been counting votes and taking the temperature of Republican members on TPA. One fast-track critic estimated last week that there are 50-70 members of the House Republican caucus opposed to TPA (Inside U.S. Trade, Jan. 31). This is broader than the 27 House Republicans who expressed their opposition to or uneasiness about TPA in two letters sent to President Obama in November  (Inside U.S. Trade, Nov. 15, 2013 & Nov. 22, 2013).

Think about it.  That is Congress fighting (TO GIVE UP THEIR OWN POWER!)  And to this administration!?  We must push back now.  And push even harder.  So we are asking you to join us.  If you didn't have the chance last month to have your voice heard please consider clicking the action page below.  Next week, February 18th - 20th we will be making a second visit to DC to once again deliver your petition and hopefully impress upon them that American is against this abdication of their authority.  So please help us by clicking on the action item below. And remember, this is about the Executive branch trying to usurp a power given to Congress in the Constitution.  In fact, in his State of the Union the President called on Congress to give him that authority.  WE MUST SAY NO.   

This "trade" agreement is not about trade.  It's about globalism.  If you are still unsure of this issue here is a short video on Fast Track and TPP.  But please keep in mind it just touches the surface.  If you have any question do not hesitate to call.  Ken Mayo, 215-962-1712

Vote "NO" on Fast Track and Trans-Pacific Partnership

We are asking everyone to personally send a note to their Congressman and to please consider sending this on to everyone you know.  It's that important 
Here's the link:
And if you want to go the extra mile I also strongly encourage everyone to take one small additional step and call your Us Senators and your US House Representative letting them know you want them to vote NO on Fast Track and TPP.

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