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Defending the vision of our forefathers

Contract From America is forwarding this special message to you from Erika for Congress. Sponsorships like this help us fight the battle to keep America free and elected officials responsible. We appreciate your support.
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Nancy Mace for Senate

Dear Friends,

Rep. Rodney Davis is an establishment favorite. Davis was described in a Weekly Standard article as 'a good and loyal soldier who the establishment is comfortable with'. In other words, the GOP establishment in Illinois wants Davis to remain in office because he will tow the party line, putting the desires of the party establishment first. While his experience working on campaigns can be seen by some as work to be applauded, I view things a different way. Davis is an entrenched politician with little real world experience to be able to speak for you. I can, and I will.

I'm Erika Harold and I am primarying Rodney Davis. Some of you may know that I'm a former Miss America, and while I proudly wore that crown, for me winning the pageant was a means to an end. It allowed me to put myself through Harvard Law School and graduate debt free. From there, I have been able to use my education, my name recognition, and my commitment to serve the people to impact my community. I am running for Congress to represent the 13th Congressional District of Illinois as a voice of the people, one who has dedicated countless hours to helping youth who face adversity, ministering to families of incarcerated individuals, and assisting in the protection of First Amendment rights. With your assistance, I can be that advocacy voice for you in Congress; fighting for your Constitutionally protected freedoms, not for a party agenda.

One of the hallmarks of our democratic system of governance is the respect for individual liberties and the understanding that these enshrined freedoms serve as proper limits on governmental power. Accordingly, I will oppose efforts to abridge the rights enumerated in our Constitution. Drawing upon my experience as a lawyer advising faith-based institutions, I will champion the First Amendment rights to the free exercise of religion and the freedom of association. I also will support the Second Amendment right to bear arms and will oppose efforts to encroach upon that right.

Americans must be diligent in selecting the best person for office that will represent your interests and stand for your freedom. You need someone who YOU can trust, not one who can be trusted by the party to do the right thing for them. You need someone to do that right thing for and by you. I humbly ask that you give me that opportunity to serve you, the 13th Congressional district, and our great republic. Any amount that you can donate will help me fight against the establishment's pick.

The GOP establishment does not want me in this race. They want to force upon you the person that best suits their interests, taking away the freedom for you to choose who will serve yours. Members of the Republican establishment continue their attempts to make this primary a coronation. From day one, party leaders have angled to ensure that Congressman Rodney Davis is the only person on the Republican primary ballot. This is despite the fact that he received the nomination last time through an appointment by county chairmen and not by an election of primary voters.

Elections are not coronations. They are the Constitutionally protected right of voters to compare candidates' ideas and qualifications. Unfortunately, party leaders have sought to deprive voters of this right. Party leaders have barred me from speaking at Republican Day at the state fair, denied my campaign access to the voter data contained in the Data Center/Voter Vault, and attempted to discourage people who wanted to support or contribute to my candidacy. Party leaders have sought to ensure that Congressman Davis does not have to compete against anyone else for votes in the primary. But votes must be earned; no one is entitled to a nomination.

We must stand together against this corruption in politics. One thing the establishment will learn quickly is this – I am a fighter. I will fight for what I believe in and stand strong against adversity. I will remain committed to my vision and follow through on my plan to see it through.

My vision is quite simple. I want to serve the people of the 13th Congressional district with integrity and a commitment to the Constitution, not simply doing as the party tells me. If you prefer a fighter for you rather than a rubberstamp for the establishment, then help me defeat Rodney Davis in this primary.

 If you want real change, then I ask that you donate whatever you can. $5, $10, $25 or any amount that you can give will help me be a voice for all Americans who believe in liberty. We cannot change Washington unless we change whom we send to Washington. Help me get to DC so that I can stand up for you and for the Constitution upon which our great republic was built.

Thank you for your support in helping to build a stronger America,

Erika Harold

Paid for by Erika for Congress.
Contribution limit: $2,600 for the primary election and another $2,600 for the general election, for a total of $5,200 per person. A couple may contribute up to $5,200 for the primary and up to $5,200 for the general election on a joint bank account check. Contributions by federal contractors, national banks, corporations, and foreign nationals who are not 'green card' holders are prohibited.
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